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  2. Liz says:

    Hi David and Anna,
    Oh it all sounds so familiar!! I know exactly the feeling of welcoming the “civilization” of Cape Town but feeling like you aren’t in Africa anymore. We thought Cape Town was spectacularly beautiful – more like San Francisco to us than New York. We also traveled the “Garden Route”, just as far as Plettenburg Bay. I think we stood in some of the same places – the kitschy ones – to take pictures – but yours are so much more beautiful. I was just looking at my travel journal and I specifically noted that it felt odd to leave Africa from Cape Town – it would have felt more grounded or genuine to leave from Botswana and Zimbabwe, even given that the experiences there were more challenging from a “civilization” perspective.
    I am eager to hear about your meditation retreat. Having done many, I will be interested to learn how you experience the silence. I now welcome the silence when I do silent retreats. It is such a relief (spoken from my introvert self). I will be eager to hear.
    I know the fam will be there in a few weeks and the rest of us will be there in spirit with them. I hope everyone has a great time together. I am so awed by you both – living every day to the fullest and following your dreams and supporting each other and just doing it – a little Nike-ish I know, sorry.
    Miss you – look forward to seeing you when you take a U.S. bound break.
    Lots of love,

  3. Vince says:

    Seriously cool!!!
    Have fun meditating
    following your stories!

    Greeting from blx


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