Santa Rita

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  1. Kathryn Meyer says:

    As usual, you have given us a beautiful presentation of an inspirational message. Thank you.

  2. Gordon Magill and Linda Marie Cossa says:

    Your Santa Rita film is a beauty! Its a tantalizing, visually luscious appetizer for what might be a much fuller, longer documentary. Your film-making and certainly your editing shows leaps and bounds of new technique and innovations!
    We can’t wait to see the next one! Gracias!

  3. Gracias guys! We agree about Santa Rita – there was more than enough material in Eufemia’s story for a full-length film. I don’t know if you guys know the book “The Man Who Planted Trees”, but we saw a film of it the other night, and the story of an anonymous peasant in the alps planting forests and changing his whole region really reminded both of us of Eufemia – we just hope our little video captured a fraction of how inspiring she is!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you guys as well, and tell Charlie (and the parents too we suppose…) we say hi!

    -Dave & Anna

  4. Dan says:

    Love that update. My favorite so far. Beautiful filming and sound that transports you to the place.

  5. Thanks Dan! You’re still our number one fan – now what’re you doing about getting us on the Today Show?

  6. I am starting a new website and business to help raise global consciousness of all the many simple and very little things we can do to help change the world by the way we think and do things which will, in turn, impact change. I appreciate your video documentary and would love to see more like it and be able to post them on my new website to further spread the word about what can be done by all of us globally with or without the help of governments, institutions and by any individual no matter what age , race, sex, country, location or religious denomination. Feel free to contact me as per your own goals and purposes in this regard. When my website is complete, I will make sure you can view it. Thanks much for all you’ve done.

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