Lo siento, todavia no tenemos esta pagina traducido! Pero el video es en Espanol, y si quiere saber mas sobre La Red de Guardianes de Semillas, favor de visitar su linda pagina aca. Gracias!

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  2. Dan says:

    Awesome. Love the message, music, editing, and visually your best video yet. Must have been awesome to visit that part of Ecuador.

  3. Kathryn Meyer says:

    i think this is your best video so far. It is visually beautiful, a pleasure to watch. Very professional.

  4. Gordon Magill says:

    This is an endeavor close to my gardener’s heart! I have bought seeds from seed banks, but the idea of saving them to start your own is new. So this is wonderful news about what Red de Guardianes de Semillas is doing…may it spread like a forest fire! Love the twist on “Red Guards,” …a new sort of cultural revolution!
    Looking forward to more news and photos from Brazil, one of my favorite places to visit someday!
    Best wishes from Gordon and Linda Marie

  5. Katy Meyer says:

    This is a great video, guys. I love it. The editing of the interviews and footage is great, and the shots of the seeds are so beautiful. Can’t wait to hear news from Brazil, hope it’s tudo bem down there!

    Lots of love,

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