Hay problemas en este mundo que dan dolor de cabeza antes de que empezamos hablar de ellos. El tema de la migracion es uno de estos temas, especialmente cuando esta vinculado a la destruccion ambiental. Por eso, estuvimos particularmente curiosos de visitar al proyecto DESGUA cuando estuvimos de paseo en Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, una organizacion que trabaja con migrantes guatemaltecos en ambos los EE.UU y en Guatemala. No necesitabamos mucho tiempo por entender que DESGUA lo entiende todo en el tema de la migracion!

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  1. Terri Gallen Edersheim says:

    How fantastic! I wish this could work for the women I see. They are never happy immigrating, it is a last resort move, and only the better choice of bad ones. This country is not the shining light, for these women, there is no great American dream, just a very bad deal.
    I think the big difference between the immigrants looking for asylum that I see and this immigration issue is the basic reason which for African women is their place in a culture of violence towards women, versus simply (which is not simple at all) an economic motivation. I have really not seen many South or Central American women in the same trouble despite a predominantly male culture as well. Do you think? It is also true that this decade and the last have been times of more violence on the whole…wars and regime changes in Africa than in SA or CA. I think it is a great program which I wish could be done for the women I see, but a bigger cultural change is needed there first.
    This may be the exception to the intact culture rule we discussed
    Congrats on the video, it was great!
    Love Terri.

  2. Immigration is definitely a last result for many people, no one does it unless they have to. Most recent immigrants from SA and CA are for economic reasons, we would agree with that too. At the same time though, the folks in the video migrated during the period of violence in Guatemala and El Salvador. One was an ex-guerrilla, another brought over by his parents fleeing the violence. So many people are still in the US from those times, and it’s nice to see that people like the folks at DESGUA are now reaching out to them and trying to make sure they have dignified work, that they don’t lose their roots, and that they can come home if they want to. As Willy says, “It’s the world’s largest study abroad program” – what a great bit of positive thinking, no? And from people who have suffered so much – one of those moments we sit down and think… well… what’s our excuse? why don’t we do more when we have so much!

    Thanks for your comment, glad you liked the video!

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