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  1. Treecare (Stewart) says:

    A Kit list is always helpful. I like to find out what other people have been using and if it works or fails. I use a Dawes 401 Bike with a few mods. SPD’s can be a pain. I’v had the problems getting my feet of fast, but lucky, not fallen off. I use MacPack tents, New Zealand, I have used a Fjallraven in winter, great in the snow. MSR Stove. Clothing tends to be wool, flees, Fjallraven Pants as these last. Very little down stuff these days. Then Sleeping kit is a light, unless its, autumn, winter. In the last few years, I have stayed away from what I call normal high street camping, climbing gear. It costs a to much and from my exspearence, it does not last.

    It need to stand up to a bit of punishment. I have used industrial, specialist work clothing. There’s an Austrian company. Pfanner. They produce some really great, tough work garments for chainsaws. UK we have to use this kind of clothing Health and Safety. For field work, I use Hunting clothing. Most of, which comes from Norway, Bergan or Sweden, SwedTeam – Hakila pro Hunter is hard wearing and feel good after years of use. If I get the chance to go to NZ, I will buy some of this Sawzi. This stuff is made for out door life.
    Stretch Air Arborist Chainsaw Trousers. This is made in Austria and it better than anything else. As the saying goes… It dose what it sees on the can. This is tough.

  2. David says:

    About the chain whip and cassette removal tool : you don’t need them!
    Instead, carry a unior cassette cracker :

    a much lighter and cheaper way!

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