La fin? | The end?

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9 Responses to La fin? | The end?

  1. Val says:

    How hard it is to put your time on the road into one succinct post! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts and the offer still stands if you want to brainstorm funding leads… actually, I’d love to talk sometime to hear more about your ‘what’s next’ and fill you in on some of my latest work (I’m doing some work with 350VT now too).

    hugs!! Welcome back to the US.

  2. stef says:

    et bien, partants pour continuer à vous suivre, et adapter nos comportements. je vous embrasse, steph

  3. Kathryn Meyer says:

    Harvey and I send our congratulations to you both for your extraordinary accomplishment . The fact that we are so happy to have you home shouldn’t distract us from our pride in what you have managed to do.

  4. Liz Johndrow says:

    You guys inspire me SO and I can’t wait to visit sometime. NY in August?! Bioneers by the Bay in Oct? Bill M. is speaking . Well, somewhere, sometime soon, okay?!

  5. Lisa says:

    Amazing, y’all. Hard to believe all that you’ve lived since the time we saw you in 2011 here at the farm. While life has moved for us at perhaps a less frenetic pace than it has for you, these last couple years have been intense, and I haven’t kept as completely up to date on all your travels and learning as I’d wanted. I’m hoping to slowly dig back through the incredible archives you’ve amassed here.

    So glad you’ll be on our continent again — hoping we’ll see you before too long.

  6. Thanks Liz! We would love to find a time to meet up – but alas, we wont’ be around in August, we’ll be off to Belgium already. In October though… we’ll be in touch!

  7. Thanks Lisa! Hope to see you soon too, let us know if you come up north anytime soon!

  8. Hi Val! Thanks so much – and actually we would love to talk to you about what you’re up to and funding and all kinds of things… We’ll write you a message to discuss more. Lucky 350VT to have you on their side!

  9. Mary Vinois says:

    Chers vous Deux,
    J’espère pouvoir vous accueillir un de ces jours pas trop lointain sur mon petit bout de Terre où il fait bon vivre et où la berceuse de chaque jour est hommage à l’Univers!
    Bravo pour tout ce que vous avez accompli, vous êtes merveilleux!
    Par vos témoignages ,j’ai pu être avec vous tout au long de votre chemin, vous accompagner avec émotion et avoir l’impression que je n’étais pas seule à voir que ce changement était urgent…
    Merci d’être vous, merci pour tout ce que vous apportez!
    Gratitude, Paix et Amour en partage
    De<3 à <3
    Bonne route parsemée de bonheur

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