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  1. D.A says:

    Amazing photos!!! Thank you for showing a positive image of the country. Colombia also has good things and that is something that no many people want to recognize. Suc a rich country. So many artists, great music etc… It is a paradise!!! Thank you !!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! Honestly, we had heard all of the stereotypes before going to Colombia, and we even believed some of them – crime, guerillas, things like that. But how wrong it all is! You are very right to be proud of your country, it is a paradise indeed.

    More than all the artists and the natural beauty though, Colombians are easily some of the friendliest people in the world. Not a day went by that we didn’t make a new friend. We are now just trying to think of a way we can come back and visit all the places we didn’t get a chance to visit – and to see all our old friends again. Viva Colombia!

  3. Koleia says:

    Qué lindas fotos de Colombia. Qué lindas palabras. Qué rico que pasaron por ahí, les gustó y quedaron con ganas de volver. Ojalá en la próxima visita esté yo allá para abrazarlos. Saludos y recuerdos : )

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