La Tanzanie | Tanzania

(Des infos pratiques pour les cyclistes disponibles ici)


(Practical information for cyclists available here)


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  1. Jaymeen says:

    Hi there guys

    Great to see things have moved to sandier and more relaxed times! Hope all’s well, and keep up the great work – it’s cool to read about such different and amazing experiences from grey Brussels!


  2. Laurence says:

    Chers Annabelle et Dave,

    Merci pour vos récits et photos du bout du monde, cela permet de voyager un peu tout en restant au bureau à Bruxelles… ;)
    Si vous étiez passés par le Tchad, j’aurais pu vous donner l’adresse d’une copine qui est là pour 2 ans qui vous aurait accueilli à bras ouverts, mais il me semble que vous n’êtes pas à court de belles rencontres, malgré les difficultés.

    Prenez bien soin de vous!

  3. KCM in NYC says:

    Wonderful to hear from you. I love the way that you bring your special sense of humor to your observations and you have given me a new sense of Africa, particularly enjoyable from cold and rainy New York. David, put your sunglasses on a cord around your neck! Love, M

  4. Dan says:

    Amazing. I am proud of you guys, and you should be proud as well (as I am sure you are). 4000KM is no small achievement in and of itself never mind the conditions you are biking in. Keep the updates coming and the amazing photos. Love, Dan

  5. Liz says:

    But you didn’t tell us what ATD fourth world is or what they do or why they are so amazing!!! Since I am spending a lot of my time working with, for, around, under, over, among various NGOs, I would so love to hear about one that is functional – I guess I will have to resort to the internet to find out. But let us know what you are doing when you post next. I love these updates! I am totally envious of your adventure and commitment and totally stunned by what it means to actually do something like this. You are both amazing!! We miss you here in the US, but are so happy you are doing well and pursuing this great adventure. Lots of love, Liz (and Steele)

  6. admin says:

    Hi Liz – don’t worry, we’ll have more on ATD in a future post, they’re hard to explain sometimes, but that’s what makes them so cool!

  7. céline dulac says:

    je suis la fille de Bruno Dulac avec qui vous travaillez en ce moment à Atd. Racontez-nous ce que vous y faites… Ce sera un regard différent. Ainsi j’ai découvert votre site avec plaisir, merci de nous faire voyager. Bons voyages! et de belles rencontres! céline (thairé, la rochelle)

  8. Coucou vous deux!
    Magnifique votre voyage!
    Quelle belle leçon de vie!
    Mille bisous à partager entre vous deux

  9. Nancy Lohman says:

    Dave and Annabelle,
    We love the updates and all the nitty gritty details. What an experience you’re having! Dave, this should be good material for atleast several books. The Lohmans are all well and miss you both.

  10. stephen says:

    AMAZING, I am thinking of mozambique but i see you wont be passing through. I was in the north of Mozambique for 6 months and i have friends in Dar where you are, with ATD.
    Big hellos if you dont mind.
    speaking of singing try listening to some umu sang ga ray,i have no idea of her spelling so i wrote as how i would say her name. Beautiful music of Malawi though.
    here, all the best you guys.

  11. Christine says:

    Salut Dave et Annabelle !
    Cela fait du bien d’avoir des nouvelles de vous après vos difficultés en Ouganda.
    Et ces photos ! Quelle beauté autour de vous…
    On a beaucoup pensé à vous quand on a construit notre potager ce printemps. Il y a plein de légumes qui y poussent déjà, issus de sémences de Mouscron.

    And as you are speaking of encouragement, and because I LOVE Julie Andrews: “Let them bring on all their problems, I’ll do better than my best… I have confidence in confidence alone, besides which, you see, I have confidence in me.” Singing that out loud helps me loads when I’m stressed. :)

    We miss you in Brussels. Safe travels.

  12. Nan says:

    Dear Anna & Dave,
    So good to hear you made it to Dar and onward. We loved having you with us when you passed through Kondoa. Have a safe jouney to SA. Blessings, Nan & Terry

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