L’Ouganda | Uganda

(Photos pour l’Ouganda disponible ici)

(Des infos pratiques pour les cyclistes sont disponibles ici)

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  1. Charlie Meyer says:

    David, we loved reading this. Sounds like you guys are having an amazing time although it is challenging. Hope we can skype soon. Perhaps this Saturday? We also loved the photos, and are going to take a couple to decorate my bedroom. Love, Charles

  2. Bob says:

    While you were in Kenya was reading Dead Aid. While you were in Uganda have been reading “the White Man’s Burden” another interesting book on the issue. Your description and comments about the state of affairs in Uganga reflects some of the points that these two books make about how we have handed out money to Africa. You paint a picture that is more than a little discouraging, which is, I am afraid, somewhat similar to the picture painted by these two books. I think that for Rwanda and Tanzania I shall have to find some more optimistic books.

    If I have learned anything from your comments and these books, it would be, I think, that we should not think in grandiose terms of “solving” the problems of the “rest” of the world with ideas and goals from thw “west”, but work from below with ideas and potential solutions that emerge from the activities of individuals in a particular setting trying to find solutions to particular problems that they find. And to work our way from “small” to “a little less small” to “slightly small” solutions.

  3. Nick says:

    Hey there guys!
    It’s interesting to read both English and French versions bc even though you’re both describing the same adventures, there are small details you are both attentive to. I can see very clearly some of the situations — I remember in India how exhausted and occasionally angry I became of always being the British American white (rich) guy. The kids no doubt could use a $1, but I always had the bigger picture in my mind (Does giving money really make a difference, etc.) — and, to be honest, the fact I was obstructed from moving forward on a regular basis just p—sed me off! [I'm thinking y'all might have felt somewhat the same when biking uphill, and the kids are pulling at your bags :-) ]
    I’m sitting in the library on campus, reading you news, procrastinating on a paper, and wanted to thank you for transporting me, however temporarily, into your discoveries and adventures. Au plaisir de vous lire prochainement, là où vous serez; cela vous apporterait sans doute du neuf!

  4. Diane says:

    Vous arrivez à Dar, chez Nicokot!

    Vous lire (les deux versions sont un peu différentes, c’est logique et rigolo) est dépaysant et terriblement instructif. Pour être honnête, vu le peu que j’en connais (et seulement sous l’angle juridico-internationalo-pénalo-politique déprimant), l’Ouganda = effectivement catas en tout genre.

    Plein de grosses pensées!

  5. Meyer Family says:

    Dave and Anna, Happy Anniversary! Thinking of you both and hoping you are healthy and having fun on this special day. Charlie loved the post cards and is excited to skype with you when you can. Lots of love, Charlie, Molly, and Dan

  6. Tysa says:

    Hi guys, Havent heard from you in a while, hope all is fun
    Love T

  7. katleen says:

    Hi there,

    you saw a gorilla ! unbelievable !


    many greetings,katleen (lim is still talking about your tent..)

  8. Roxane says:

    Waw! J’étais censée travailler ce matin mais je suis restée accrochée à vos écrits! Merci beaucoup! C’est vraiment passionnant, honnete et sympa!
    Je viens de discuter récemment avec un Togolais de mon expérience au Ghana qui s’était assez mal passée par rapport à mes expériences au Burkina. J’étais très culpabilisée de trouver la mentalité ghanéenne vraiment chiante, raciste et capitaliste! Mais ceci correspond à une certaine réalité, qui a beaucoup à voir aussi avec la colonisation: le Ghana (et apparemment le Nigeria) est un des seuls pays colonisés pas l’Angleterre dans l’Afrique de l’Ouest majoritairement colonisée par la France. Et la mentalité anglaise a donné un tout autre résultat, de même qu’un tourisme européen beaucoup plus important et de meilleures conditions de développement. Je trouvais ça difficile de faire des généralités sur des peuples, mais ça correspond à une certaine réalité. Il faut juste s’adapter à cette réalité et prévoir alors son voyage autrement, en comptant sur des gens qu’on connait plus ou moins et qui peuvent nous faire découvrir les bons aspects de ces pays difficilement abordables à première vue comme touristes!
    J’imagine donc très bien que vous puissiez n’être ni gentils ni patients, surtout en plein effort physique! Reposez vous bien maintenant pour repartir motivés pour toutes les nouvelles aventures qui vous attendent!

    Bisous à tous les deux! Bonne route!


  9. Ilke says:

    Cannot believe you actually saw a silver-back !!!! and this without a guide!!! You have been so extremely lucky!!!!
    I am sure you will nourish this meeting the rest of your lifes!
    So glad you did!!

  10. Yvonnia says:

    My hubby is Ugandan and we went to visit family back in 2009! I traveled through the very same towns. I LOVED Jinja and Masindi !!!! Believe it or not I didn’t like Kampala too much. It was too busy! Traffic is horrible. Did you see the 1 traffic light they have in the whole city? I unfortunately will not go near a gorilla…they share 90% of our DNA and they are much stronger than us…no thanks. I visited murchison falls and the Para safari. Excellent! You are so brave!

  11. Hello Yvonnia!

    Thanks for your comment. It’s really great that you have had a chance to visit Uganda. We also have fond memories of Jinja and Masindi. Kampala was just a good break from the bush for us with great Chinese and Indian food.
    Gorillas are amazing creatures! We were so lucky to just stumble upon them while biking in Bwindi! It normally costs 500$ to see them for one hour. Seeing them was one of the highlights of our trip in Africa. We wish you many more happy visits to the magical continent. Take care!

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