Mfangano | Mfangano

(Photos disponibles ici)

(Des infos pratiques pour les cyclistes sont disponibles ici)

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  1. Dan says:

    Hey, sounds like an amazing experience. Love seeing the photos of you guys (in addition to the landscape) so be sure to keep those coming. Am going to read some about permaculture myself I think as it sounds very interesting. Love, Dan (and Molly who also loves reading the site and seeing the photos).

    ps Do you have skype access over there? It would be cool to introduce you to your nephew when he gets here via camera phone…

  2. Bob says:

    Very interesting to read about. An illustration of the connectivity of everything, and how disturbing an equilibrium, however well intentioned, can lead to unintended consequences. Reading a book called “Dead Aid” by Dambisa Moyo that makes some interesting similar observations on foreign aid to Africa and unintended consequences. Great photos guys. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  3. Ilke says:

    So nice to read your postings from Kenya!!! I was impressed by the co-op story: to hear that some good things do happen in this greedy world afterall! I also felt it heartwarming to read about your contribution to the design of the permaculture farm of Richard. I wish I could have joined you there! Your remark on accepting that people will always try to fullfill their own dreams even when based on a bubble is really tough but true. I find it one of the most difficult challenges of human kind: to see that the grass is not greener on the other side… Thanks for sharing it all and good luck! Ilke

  4. admin says:

    “Dead Aid” – a book that touched Anna right before we left. “It should be required reading,” she says, though she’s somewhat skeptical of Moyo’s exaggerated love of the free market. Still, her critique of aid seems right on from where we’re sitting…

  5. Dave and Anna – your stories are incredible and what you are doing is very admirable. I am interested in reading these books you mention and learn more about the world. Are there any specific readings from Edward Goldsmith that you can reccommend? I plan to order “Dead Aid” also. Keep up the writing. I love it.

  6. admin says:

    Hi from Kampala, Jo! We’re glad you like the site! As for Goldsmith – we both read “The Way” and honestly, it changed our lives. It’s pretty dense, but the chapters are small so it’s definitely manageable. He really sets out to build up a new sustainable worldview, and I for one thought it was pretty right-on.
    There are lots of other good ecology books out there though, more concrete ones for sure. “The World Without Us” for one, or “The Secret Life of Deer” even – which comes with tons of useful cocktail party information about animals…
    Anyway, we’re glad you’re interested! And thanks for reading!

  7. Dan says:

    Charlie is loving the site. Thinking of you guys.

  8. Charlie Meyer says:

    I am loving the site! It lets me know about the amazing world out there. Can’t wait to explore it. Love, your nephew, Charles

  9. admin says:

    Thanks Charlie – and don’t worry, we’ve already started planning how to kidnap you from your parents and get you on a bike! We picked out some good training wheels and everything, so you just hang in there, we’re coming!

    Otherwise, we’re in lovely Hoima, and all is well – we look forward to skyping soon!!!

  10. Tysa says:

    Hi D&A,
    We are following on google world. You guys are really moving! I bet those bike legs are pretty stong at this point. Your nephew is really(!) cute
    Love T

  11. Charlie Meyer says:

    Hi Dave, I am now 12 days old. I figure it is about time to start planning my first bike trip so Mum and Dad can get used to the idea early on. One question though, what is a permacycle and how can I get one? Love, your nephew, Charles

  12. Charlie Meyer says:

    Also, thank you for the training wheels. They are very tasty!

  13. Tysa says:

    hi guys I hope you are well, we love you

  14. Charlie Meyer says:

    Hey guys, hope to hear from you soon. Love, Charles

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