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What is Permaculture?

So what is the ‘perma’ in ‘permacyclists’ for? Permanent? Permafrost?” A question we hear fairly often actually. And then, when we reply, “No, Permaculture!” there is another small silence, this one a little awkward as if they’re trying to figure … Continue reading

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USA to Mexico

Photos available here And check out our new flashy video here! When we set out to travel overland from New York to Rio, I definitely worried about some things – drug cartels in Mexico, right-wing extremists in Colombia, Dengue and … Continue reading

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The US of A

Photos available here So long since our last update, I bet y’all thought we were dead!  No such luck, although we did come close to it.  Or no, that’s a bit overdramatic, and I shouldn’t speak for Annabelle.  But for … Continue reading

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Eastern Cape

Photos available here Practical information for cyclists available here Well, it has been a while since our last update, and a strange while at that, with thousands of kilometers covered, though not many of them by bike… After our meditation … Continue reading

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Kansato Farms

(Photos available here) Let’s begin with a confession: We’ve cheated.  Leaving Dar… God this is hard to write…  We…  We took the train to Mbeya… But it’s not that we didn’t want to bike – far from it, we love … Continue reading

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