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What is Permaculture?

So what is the ‘perma’ in ‘permacyclists’ for? Permanent? Permafrost?” A question we hear fairly often actually. And then, when we reply, “No, Permaculture!” there is another small silence, this one a little awkward as if they’re trying to figure … Continue reading

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Photos available here As I write this, sitting on a bed in a hotel in Lilongwe, a massive thunderstorm is slowly gathering and crossing the city towards us, and the sky outside our window is a dark gray. We have … Continue reading

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Photos available here Practical information for cyclists is available here If we were a little relieved to be leaving South Africa, we weren’t quite ready for Mozambique… After a quick interlude of two days to cross Swaziland (a country which … Continue reading

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Western Cape

(Photos available here) Leaving Cape Town wasn’t as easy as we had expected in the end.  After ten months on the road with the south-westernmost city on the continent as our goal, we couldn’t quite tear ourselves away once we … Continue reading

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(Photos disponibles ici) (Des infos pratiques pour les cyclistes sont disponibles ici) (Photos available here) (Practical information for cyclists available here) Hello from Kisumu once more, where we’re back from Mfangano a little earlier than expected.  Everything went great on … Continue reading

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