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What is Permaculture?

So what is the ‘perma’ in ‘permacyclists’ for? Permanent? Permafrost?” A question we hear fairly often actually. And then, when we reply, “No, Permaculture!” there is another small silence, this one a little awkward as if they’re trying to figure … Continue reading

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Western Cape

(Photos available here) Leaving Cape Town wasn’t as easy as we had expected in the end.  After ten months on the road with the south-westernmost city on the continent as our goal, we couldn’t quite tear ourselves away once we … Continue reading

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(Photos pour l’Ouganda disponible ici) (Des infos pratiques pour les cyclistes sont disponibles ici) (Photos for Uganda are available here) (Practical information for cyclists available here) Borders make a difference.  Biking from Kenya into Uganda is like biking into a different … Continue reading

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