Transition Houston


A transition initiative in Houston Texas, USA.

If you’re coming from the same place as us – overwhelmed by the destructive potential of global problems like climate change and peak oil, then the Transition Movement is just the medicine you need! Started in the UK in 2005, the Transition Movement responds to threats and danger with a resounding: Yes please!

The idea is that these challenges give us the opportunity to plan ahead, to anticipate change, and to build sustainable, resilient communities that are even stronger and better places to live than our world today. There is a fantastic book on the subject for anyone interested in learning more: “The Transition Handbook” by Rob Hopkins, one of the founders of the concept. Having read it, we were surprised when we arrived in Houston to learn about the work of Transition Houston and found that they were actually every bit as wonderful and positive and dynamic as the book made the movement sound.

Transition Houston is still in its early stages – the whole transition process takes years, and no town has yet completed it – but there was a real sense of energy and excitement and even (believe it or not) optimism on the part of everyone we talked to. The video puts it all in their own words, but please feel free to check them out if you want to learn more, or look on the map at to find transitioners in your own town.

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