Organic Select

Organic Select is a Sustainable Agriculture project in Mexico.

One of the best solutions to the climate crisis has to be eating organic food.  Not only does organic farming consume far less fossil fuels than conventional farming, but well-managed organic farms have even been shown to sequester carbon in their soil – actually taking CO2 out of the atmosphere. Add to this the (in our opinion at least) better taste and choosing organic begins to seem like a no-brainer.  For us though, the best is yet to come – the model of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) means that we can get organic food at a reasonable cost and in a way that reinforces the strength of our own local communities, getting to know and support the farmer who produces our food.

But what do you do if there are no CSA’s in your area?  It’s hard to imagine when you look at sites like Local Harvest that such a situation is possible, but for Krystal and Ana, founders of Organic Select, that is just what they encountered living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: organic farming was still in its early stages of growth and they couldn’t get the healthy food that, as healthcare professionals, they knew was so important for their patients and their own well-being.  So what did they do?  They started their own business!

Organic Select works to bring organic food to Puerto Vallarta by educating consumers, verifying farmers, and even introducing new crops and techniques which have otherwise gone from the area.  Most of the work happens through their website,, where customers sign up to become members and then select from a wide range of foods available.  Orders are closed on Tuesday and then the sprint begins, with Ana and Krystal and the rest of the Organic Select team rushing to share the orders with the farmers, collect deliveries, cook and bake any prepared foods, package all the orders, and then deliver the final product to members’ homes by Thursday afternoon.

We stayed with Ana and Krystal in Puerto Vallarta, wwoofing in their experimental garden for a month, and trust us it is a whirlwind of activity there for those three days.  But it’s well worth it too, their gluten-free snacks are irresistible and they have easily the best fruits and veggies in the area.  If you’re ever passing through Puerto Vallarta, you can sign up as a traveler to order without paying member fees – or you can find a CSA near you from any of the following sites:

Elsewhere in Mexico:


Belgium & France:


South Africa:


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