Nature’s Gift Permaculture

Nature’s Gift Permaculture
A sustainable agriculture project in Malawi.

Nature’s Gift got its beginnings in the 9th International Permaculture Convergence (IPC9), held in Lilongwe in October 2009.  The momentum from hosting the world’s only international permaculture gathering, combined with the firm base permaculture already enjoyed in Malawi thanks to groups like Never-Ending Food, led to the creation of the new center shortly thereafter.

When we visited in early 2011, the state of the project even so early in its life was truly impressive.  The resident interns, volunteers, and employees were eating almost all their meals from one of the gardens on the site; a food forest was just being planted; a significant market garden geared towards making the whole project financially independent was being planned; and there was a steady stream of visitors to the site for courses on permaculture and organic gardening.  Since our brief visit, Nature’s Gift has become a registered Malawian NGO, and has kicked its work into high gear.

4 Responses to Nature’s Gift Permaculture

  1. We are interested in this idea

  2. Dave says:

    Great to hear! Your organization looks really interesting, I’m sure if you got in touch with the people at Nature’s Gift they would be happy to discuss a way to work together. We’ll pass your website on to them, and you can find their contact info at:

  3. Catherine Chunga says:

    Mpasa Women group – Nkhotakota has a plan of starting home gardening. I believe Never Ending Food will assist.

  4. Wonderful news, we’re sure only good things will come of this. The folks at Never Ending Food and Nature’s Gift do really great work. All the best, Dave & Anna

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