3 Responses to Peru

  1. Dan says:

    Amazing photos. Looks spectacular. One day you will have to publish these as a book or something.

    Charlie says the caballo rides at midnight – whatever that means….

  2. Gordon Magill says:

    Love the photographs! Each one sings of a wonderful adventure, begging to be told. And the wildlife! Wow, how did you get that one of the sea lion rookery? From the water yet – you must have been in a boat just off the beach?
    This is all vicarious fun! We only wish we were able to go too!
    Gordon and Linda Marie

  3. Thanks Gordon! We got the shots of the sea lions from a boat that came up pretty close (and the telephoto lens did help some…). They’re amazing animals, we’re so grateful to have been able to see them – now if only “seeing” hadn’t also meant “smelling”…

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