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Annabelle Vinois is Belgian, from Brussels, and she links her love of travel to growing up in a country with not nearly enough sunshine for her tastes.  She studied law and even worked as a lawyer, though all the while she was dreaming of traveling and living abroad.

Dave Meyer is American, from New York, and though from a much larger country than Anna, he’s grown the same bug of wanderlust.  Dave studied sociology and even worked in the field, before working as a travel and fiction writer.

We met in Mongolia.  We were on the same plane from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar, and we fell in love when, across ten rows of sleeping Mongolians, 35,000 feet above the Gobi desert, we made eye contact and smiled.  After a week or so traveling together (spread out over the period of a month), Anna invited Dave to follow her to Vienna and well, we’ve been bumping around the world ever since, all the while planning “a big trip” somewhere in the future.

Fall 2009 became our official departure date; Africa became our first destination.  We spent 16 unbelievable months cycling through twelve countries before deciding to leave our bikes behind and continue on by public transportation.  We then traveled to Rio de Janeiro, arriving just in time for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in June 2012.

On the way, we made short documentary films about grassroots environmental projects. Are we professional filmmakers?  No.  But we’re not letting that get to us.  We also visited cafes and bookstores to show our movies and talk some about the amazing work being done every day to make a better future for us all.

We’re done traveling for now and we settled down in the United States with our son, where we work on issues related to climate change and poverty. While we don’t update the website anymore, feel free to send an email to anna@permacyclist.com with questions or comments, particularly if you would like to fund one of the amazing projects we visited!

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