Links for Cyclists

The literature on bike touring is a little… well… not our thing.  There are plenty of books on people’s travels by bike, but they inevitably tend towards then “Then I went there.  Then I went there.  Then I went there…” style of travel writing.  We prefer good blogs and so here are some nice cycling-related websites: – This site is new, from our heroes at (see below), it is an online database of good cycling websites, grouped by region and with reviews of their content.  Lots of great information on here, it’ll get you pedaling in no time. – If you’re in Brussels and need a bike, this is the place!  If you’re heading out on tour, they will even send you any parts you need along the way, no matter where in the world you need them – trust us, this is a very nice service! – These are the people who inspired us to take our first bike trip.  Over three years, three months, and three days, they biked from Brussels to Japan and then across the US.  Their site has a ton of useful information, pictures, and stories – and it’s now in English, French and Spanish.  They’re even back on the road now, cycling with their little daughter in tow. – We’ve never met Amaya and Eric, but we feel like we have! Their trip has taken them from France down through Morocco and western Africa to South Africa, and then up the east coast, through the middle east and back to France (with a little detour in India to relax).  They’re pedaling in the Americas now and show no sign of stopping – all the better for us: their site is one of the best out there for people planning their own long distance tour – particularly in Africa. – Helen is biking from London to Cape Town alone, via DRC, Nigeria, and all those other places we skipped over.  Lots of photos, a nice site – show her some support! - The site of our friend Francoise – biking, writing, permaculture… okay, so we stole her idea – don’t tell her though! - A nice compilation of bike touring sites and information. – The Ateliers de la Rue Voot offer bike maintenance workshops several times a week for a very reasonable price.  Just show up with your bike and they’ll put the tools in your hands and soon enough you’ll be a professional mechanic… or something similar… You’ll have dirty hands at least. -  The group of cyclists for Dar es Salaam.  It’s a fantastic organization we talk more about in our post on Dar es Salaam.  If you’re passing through town, don’t miss a chance to pop in and meet them, they’re great!

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