Argentina and Civil Disobedience

Hello from Rio!

At long last we’ve made it to the end of the road!  It’s been over 930 days on the road, through 31 countries, and over 730 hours by bus since New York City, but we’ve made it to the last stop: Rio de Janeiro and the Rio+20 Earth Summit.

We are obviously excited to be here (and you can see our smiling faces after arriving in the photo on the site here), and with Rio+20 finally getting underway there is a lot going on now!  We’ll be updating our facebook page more or less daily with photos from the conference over the next few weeks, so you can check there if you want to know how things are going (

In the mean time, we have some new updates on the site as well!  The first is our latest video, about the illegal farmers market of Guayaquil Ecuador.  We know that the idea of an illegal farmers market might sound ridiculous to some of us, but in Guayaquil the mayor has prohibited farmers from selling their produce directly to consumers within city limits.  Not that they let this stop them, of course! Check out the video here:

And we also have our latest photo update – not from Brazil yet, we’re still catching up.  These are our shots from 2 months in Argentina.  A beautiful country, far too big to visit in just 2 months – we’ll have to come back someday!  Actually, we’re sure we will, Anna will need to visit with Mafalda again sometime soon…

Otherwise, thank you again for all your support and encouragement – we always love getting comments and messages.  It has been a long ride down to RIo, and we have really enjoyed sharing it with you all along the way.


-Dave and Anna

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2 Responses to Argentina and Civil Disobedience

  1. de Schoutheete Nicolas says:

    Bonjour Annabelle et Dave ,
    J’ai eu le grand plaisir d’écouter la rediffusion des Belges du bout du monde , ce dimanche-matin sur La Première RTBF. (J’avais raté la première diffusion en avril !) . Quelle joie d’écouter votre témoignage et çelui d’Emmanuelle Grundmann.
    Je découvre votre magnifique site web à l’instant et vous promet de le visiter en détail !
    Je suis aussi un fervent cycliste depuis mes 6 ans et acteur de la Masse Critique Bruxelloise ( Le week-end prochain nous organisons un <<camp(r)ing pour nous opposer à l'élargissement du Ring au Nord de Bxl.

    J'ai appris que vous construirez un perma-village à Woodstock : je trouve çelà un projet formidable .

    Bien à vous, depuis Bruxelles,

    Nicolas de Schoutheete

  2. Bonjour Nicolas,

    Mille mercis pour ton super message! Nous serons en Belgique le week-end prochain et peut-être que l’on se verra au camp(r)ing?


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