Hey Folks,

Well, after 2 months, we’ve finally moved on from Ecuador. I don’t think we expected much from this little country when we arrived, but we got so much out of our time there that we can’t even begin to talk about it. Once again, just photos this time – covering the costs, the mountains, the jungles, a little glimpse at everything that made it such a wonderful place to visit.

We’re in Peru now, taking a little time with family and working on our next videos. We’ll have more updates soon enough. Thanks for your comments and support, we always appreciate it – and happy new year!

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  1. Gordon and Linda Marie says:

    What a fabulous, voyeuristic journey into undreamed of lands and peoples you bring us! From here in the parched world of central Texas, pretty much locked into our small orbit, we are freed to imagine and delight in your images, your words, and your experiences, Anna and David! Thank you, thank you! Equador is one of the enchanted places in my imagination, certainly when I listen to the music of Equador.
    P.S. We had a special visit with Molly, Dan and Charlie in early December, a few days in South Freeport for Molly’s 35th birthday.
    A very Happy and Adventure-full New Year to you both!

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