Photo Update: Namibia

Well, it’s everyone’s favorite time- when we update our website without all the blabla that usually accompanies such occasions! Yes, it’s just photos, taken this time during the three weeks spent driving around Namibia with Anna’s father and brother. We managed to cover 4000km in three weeks (or half of the distance we had biked through 8 months), and hopefully the photos capture a fraction of the amazing things we saw.

Now we are sitting at a campground along the Orange River just on the border with South Africa. We’ll cross over tomorrow, hoping to make it at long last to the Cape of Good Hope in a few weeks’ time.

Hope all is well with you, and bonne rentrée!

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One Response to Photo Update: Namibia

  1. Charles says:

    Got your note. Monitoring continues. Hope to be free of overbearing parentals as soon as I can walk. Attempts to crawl to freedom are repeatedly stymied. Alas, your periodic cards keep from despair. The rooster and the chicken will settle when the moon is full and the winds turn to the west! Cakaw! Cakaw! –YNCSM

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