The new site

And so, at last, we have our new site and we’ve even been sending out the address.  We hope it’s all in order – if you see anything that looks like it needs changing, feel free to point it out.  Otherwise, we leave in just six weeks (!) and there are a ton of last minute things to take care of so we don’t really have time to write more.  Suffice it to say we’re looking forward to our trip to the US in less than two weeks!

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2 Responses to The new site

  1. Lisa says:

    Hey y’all! The site looks incredible. I cannot WAIT to follow your journey and am thrilled beyond all get out for you. Come see us again at the end, please please please!

  2. Henriette says:

    Lieve Anne en Dave,
    Proficiat met je verjaardag en dat het nieuwe jaar je brengt wat je er van verlangt.Ik heb al veel van jullie reis gezien,
    maar de tekst is voor mij moeilijk.Heb je malaria gehad,of viel het wel mee?Het aller,aller beste en tot kijks.

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